About the Application

“Time has shown, however, that the best way to promote competition and innovation is to encourage the deployment of advanced, facilities-based networks and competition across sectors.” Joe Barton
Congressman from Texas

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About the Application

On May 5, 2006 M2Z Networks filed an application at the FCC to lease a national spectrum license from the US government in order to provide a competitive broadband service deployed on un-utilized spectrum. Thousands of officials and organizations from all over the country (including city council members, State Senators, U.S. Senators, associations, public safety groups, colleges, and universities) have written letters to the FCC to encourage them to approve the M2Z application. M2Z’s license will include numerous public interest obligations including:

  • M2Z will offer a free broadband data service;
  • M2Z will execute an aggressive build-out that would ensure coverage for 95% of the American population within 10 years and with intermediate milestones of 33% coverage within 3 years, 66% coverage within 5 years;
  • M2Z will filter indecent content at the network level for the free broadband service in order to protect children;
  • M2Z will commit to serve any federal, state, or municipal public safety organization with free broadband service without limit to the number of devices on the network;
  • M2Z will pay 5% of the gross revenues derived from M2Z’s premium and wholesale subscription services to the U.S. Treasury.

M2Z’s public service commitments provide government decision makers with an immediate opportunity to solve many challenges facing America today.

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