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“I am guided in my public interest determinations by one key principle-that the public interest means securing access to communications for everyone, including those the market may leave behind.” Jonathan S. Adelstein
FCC Commissioner

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About the Company

At M2Z, our mission is to provide fast, free, family-friendly wireless broadband access to 95% of the US population.  In addition to the free service, M2Z will provide wholesale IP connectivity to partners who will bundle wireless Internet access with a variety of consumer devices, applications and services.

Today, the landscape for high-speed Internet access is dominated by a small number of telecommunications firms and cable providers who also have a monopoly over Spectrum assets in the US.  In most corners of America, consumers can choose between only one or two providers.  This lack of competition in the marketplace has resulted in limited product choice, high prices, a slow pace of technical innovation and poor customer service.

As a result, many American families, schools and libraries cannot afford broadband Internet access. Further, many rural and low income Americans cannot even get access to broadband Internet, and public safety organizations often can’t work together due to incompatible data networks.

In fact, the proliferation of the grassroots efforts to bring free Wi-Fi connectivity to coffee shops, municipalities, parks and restaurants is a strong indication that phone and cable companies simply haven’t responded to consumer’s needs.  

As a new entrant, without any incumbent baggage, armed with new technology and a revolutionary business model, we believe that M2Z can provide what Consumers really want:  Free, Fast and Family Friendly Internet broadband – delivered wirelessly.