About M2Z

“Broadband is the education and information and commerce and jobs of the future, and our challenge is to make sure that everyone has access to it.” Michael J. Copps
FCC Commissioner

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About M2Z

The landscape for high-speed Internet access is dominated by a small number of telecommunications firms and cable providers who have a monopoly over spectrum assets.  In most corners of America, consumers can only choose between one or two providers.  This lack of competition in the marketplace has resulted in limited product choice, high prices, a slow pace of technical innovation and poor customer service.

M2Z has assembled a group of leading technology vendors, consumer device and distribution partners and financial sponsors to support its innovative business model. As a new entrant, without any incumbent baggage, M2Z aims to improve the quality of people’s lives and to spark a new cycle of innovation that will make America more competitive around the world through a free and nearly ubiquitous broadband service.

Learn more about our company and the ongoing rulemaking at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide free nationwide wireless broadband connectivity available in the US.