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“Wireless providers will be critical to getting broadband out to that last, most difficult mile…the FCC must use a light regulatory touch that gives you the freedom to try new ideas and deploy new technology.”¬†Deborah Taylor Tate
FCC Commissioner

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Privacy Policy

Personal information submitted to M2Z Networks, Inc. (M2Z) will be held exclusively by M2Z and its affiliates, including the Coalition for Free Broadband Now (CFBN), solely for the purposes of responding to your queries and to inform you of service or product offerings relevant to M2Z. Name, physical address and e-mail address will not be sold or otherwise released to a non-affiliated third-party except with your permission or under subpoena or other legal order. M2Z provides a secure environment and a reliable system but you should be aware that there may be inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the Internet.