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“Here, in the country that invented the Internet, every child should have the chance to get online, and they’ll get that chance when I’m President — because that’s how we’ll strengthen America’s competitiveness in the world.” Barack Obama
President of the United States of America

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Stories about M2Z and its pending application with the FCC have been featured in countless publications. For media inquiries, please contact John Chiuco at [email protected]

09-02-2010Fast Company – M2Z’s Free, Wireless Nationwide Broadband Plan Killed: Thank the FCC
05-29-2010– FCC Inaction on Free Broadband Delays Cook, Will and Kenosha Counties’ Plan
05-28-2010– Chicago Tribune – Kenosha might get free broadband next year
05-27-2010– Kenosha County is in line for free wireless Internet service
05-03-2010– A New Deal for broadband: free, wireless
03-09-2010– US considers some free wireless broadband
01-14-2009Fierce Wireless – Sound Off – Industry reacts to Obama’s FCC pick
12-29-2008ars technica – Martin drops porn filtering from FCC free wireless broadband plan
12-22-2008Washington Times – Bullish on broadband
12-22-2008Ars Technica – Still hope for the FCC’s smut-free broadband plan?
12-21-2008Courier Journal – Free broadband promoted
12-18-2008BetaNews – Congressmen accuse FCC of violating law in delaying AWS-3 vote
12-18-2008RCRWireless – FCC again urged to vote on AWS-3 plans
12-18-2008FierceWireless – Congressmen urge FCC vote on AWS-3
12-16-2008InfoWorld (Ephraim Schwartz) – Free broadband access is a right, not a privilege
12-14-2008Washington Post – Startup banks on making money from free broadband
12-14-2008TMCnews (Editorial) – Thanks to Dubya – No Free Wireless Internet
12-13-2008Silicon Alley Insider – FCC Delays Plan For Porn-Free Internet
12-12-2008Wall Street Journal – FCC Head Cancels Vote on Free Internet Plan
12-12-2008Sci-Tech Today – White House Opposes FCC’s Free Internet Plan
12-11-2008Red Herring – M2Z Slams White House Broadband Protest
12-11-2008MarketWatch – M2Z Urges FCC to Vote on Free Broadband Initiative Amidst Bush Administration Efforts to Squash It
12-11-2008InformationWeek – White House Opposes FCC Free Wireless Network Plan
12-11-2008PC Magazine – Bush Opposes Free Wireless Broadband
12-11-2008NewsOxy – Bush Attacks FCC Mandate Plan For Free Wireless Internet
12-06-2008Silicon Alley Insider – Obama Promises 100% Broadband Availability (VIDEO)
12-03-2008WFTV (Channel 9) – Free Broadband? Meghan Hughes Reports (VIDEO)
12-01-2008USA Today – FCC to vote on free wireless broadband across U.S.
12-01-2008Wall Street Journal – Free Web Plan Being Pushed by FCC Head
10-21-2008InfoWorld – “Free spectrum” could shape future of wireless
10-14-2008New York Times – M2Z Makes the Case For Free Wireless Data
10-14-2008Motley Fool – Winners and Losers of Free Wi-Fi
10-14-2008Fierce Telecomm – M2Z drums for action on nationwide “Free” wireless broadband spectrum
10-14-2008AFP – Free US wireless network a step closer
10-13-2008PC Magazine – FCC Approves Free Wireless Broadband Proposal
10-13-2008Channel Web – FCC Clears Free Wireless Web Auction
10-13-2008Wireless Week – FCC Says AWS-3 Auction Okay Despite Staunch Opposition
10-13-2008Electronista – FCC greenlights free mobile Internet spec
10-13-2008Wired – FCC Clears Free National Internet Plan
10-13-2008Venture Beat – Free nationwide wireless service on the way?
10-13-2008Wall Street Journal – FCC Clears Free Wireless Web
10-13-2008Red Herring – M2Z Moves Closer to Free Mobile Service
10-13-2008CrunchGear – FCC report helps case for free nationwide wireless
10-13-2008Technology News World – FCC Tosses Technical Objections to National Wireless Broadband Plan
10-13-2008Wired – Free WiFi? That’s So 22nd Century
10-13-2008PC World – Free Wireless Band Passes FCC Tests
10-13-2008InformationWeek – FCC Paves Way For Free Wi-Fi
10-12-2008Ars Technica – FCC says Seattle tests back smutless, free broadband proposal
10-11-2008Washington Post – FCC, Wireless Providers at Odds Over Plan for Unused Airwaves
10-11-2008CNet – FCC report negates free Internet interference claims
10-10-2008MarketWatch – FCC chief to press for free Internet in new airwaves sale
10-10-2008Wall Street Journal – FCC Engineers Back Airwaves Auction
10-09-2008INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY – FCC Gets Final Say In AWS-1 Vs. AWS-3 Bid
09-23-2008PC World – Firm: Wireless Carriers Trying to Block Free Broadband
09-02-2008USA Today – Start-up wants to provide free broadband
08-20-2008USA Today – Martin wants broadband across USA
08-13-2008Market Watch – Senator Wyden Weighs in with Legislation Requiring the FCC to Act Quickly and Auction AWS-3 Spectrum for Free Nationwide Broadband Service
08-11-2008PC World – Lawmakers Urge FCC to Move Forward With ‘free’ Plan
08-11-2008Ars Technica – Congressional Dems back porn-free wireless broadband network
08-01-2008BusinessWeek – Plugging America’s Broadband Gap
07-30-2008Red Herring – Startup Pushes Free Wireless Broadband for Everyone
07-29-2008WirelessWeek – M2Z Networks Points Out T-Mobile Argument Flaw
06-23-2008Reuters – Free Internet is part of new FCC airwaves auction
06-11-2008Wall Street Journal – FCC Chairman Presses Free Web, Spectrum Link
06-09-2008Los Angeles Times (Opinion) – The FCC’s free Internet plan
06-06-2008Associated Press – FCC chief’s free broadband plan delayed
05-29-2008Wall Street Journal – FCC Weighs Free-Internet Plan
05-29-2008Associated Press – FCC mulling free high-speed Internet network plan
05-29-2008PC World – FCC Considers Offering Spectrum for Free Wireless Internet
05-23-2008RCRWireless News – �?AWS III’ licensee could be required to provide free service
05-23-2008TMCnet – FCC May Auction 25 MHz of Wireless Spectrum
04-21-2008Ars Technica – Lawmaker calls for no-cost, porn-free, wireless ‘Net access
04-18-2008RCRWireless News – Legislation eyes auction of family-friendly spectrum
01-21-2008RCRWireless News – Family Research Council calls for �?safe’ broadband
12-31-2007ISP Planet – A Startup’s Alternative Spectrum Plan
12-18-2007New Zealand Herald – WiMAX bids net Govt $4m
12-09-2007New York Times article featuring M2Z Co-founder Milo Medin – The Team That Put the Net in Orbit
12-07-2007Community College Times Op Ed – Free broadband serves public interest
10-22-2007Chicago Tribune – Wireless hopeful faults FCC inaction on spectrum request
10-03-2007Seattle Times Op Ed by M2Z CEO John Muleta – FCC fiddles while nation’s broadband falls behind
09-27-2007M2Z Press Release – M2Z’s Free Nationwide WiMax Network A Core Element of FCC’s Consideration on How to Use Fallow Spectrum (Download)
09-24-2007The Washington Post – Selling a Long-Shot Idea: Free Internet Access
09-17-2007M2Z Press Release – M2Z Networks Announces Wholesale Partnerships with Rural Telephone Companies (Download)
09-12-2007Computerworld Blog – FCC: U.S. doesn’t need free wireless broadband
09-11-2007InfoWorld – Startup may sue FCC over handling of wireless plan
09-11-2007M2Z files Notice of Appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit (Download)
09-10-2007M2Z Press Release – Rev. Jesse Jackson Endorses M2Z Networks’ Plan for Free, Family-Friendly Nationwide Broadband: “The M2Z initiative will make us a stronger nation.” (Download)
09-05-2007The Washington Times – FCC rejects M2Z’s free plan
08-31-2007M2Z Press Release – Every 7 minutes an American is Telling the FCC to Approve M2Z (Download)
08-31-2007United Press International – Public safety group support M2Z Network
08-30-2007Fortune (CNN Money) – Tech, telcos, ready to rumble?
08-30-2007M2Z Press Release – Leading Public Safety Organizations Support M2Z’s Free Broadband Network (Download)
08-30-2007M2Z Press Release – Family Research Council Urges FCC to Approve M2Z’s Family Friendly Broadband Application (Download)
08-23-2007M2Z Press Release – Over 50,000 Americans Endorse M2Z’s Free Nationwide Wireless Broadband Plan (Download)
08-16-2007Wall Street Journal – Firm Seeks FCC Review of Free Internet-Service Plan
08-15-2007ZDNet (Russell Shaw blog) – Big cell would love to quash free wireless broadband upstart
08-14-2007M2Z Press Release – M2Z Networks to Seek Immediate Judicial Relief from D.C. Circuit Court in Light of FCC’s Continuing Violation of Section 7 of the Communications Act (Download)
08-05-2007Mercury News Op Ed by M2Z investors and board members Bruce Sachs, Geoff Yang and John Doerr – FCC decision encourages competition on the airwaves
07-30-2007The Bolivar Commercial (Cleveland, Mississippi) – Internet service awaits approval to offer free wireless in state (Download)
07-20-2007WLBT Channel 3 (Jackson, Mississippi) – Free Broadband Internet Proposed (Watch Video)